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Baptism Guidelines




Guidelines for Baptism

Guidelines for Parents:

1. Carefully choose a sponsor (godparent) for your child who will be a good Christian example and take seriously the awesome responsibilites a sponsor assumes.

2. Both parents, if Orthodox Christians, should be members in good standing at St. Basil's church or another Orthodox Church.

3. The day, time and other arrangements must be made with the priest by contacting him at least three weeks prior to the baptism.

4. Someone should be appointed to undress and dress the child.

5. Two people should be appointed to carry the candles during the service.


Guidelines for the Sponsor:

1.The Sponsor (godfather/godmother - kum/kuma) must:

- be an Orthodox Christian

- be a member in good standing at St. Basil's or another Orthodox Church

- if married, be married in the Orthodox Church by an Orthodox Priest

- if from another parish, present to Fr. Dean a letter from his/her priest stating that he/she is a good standing with the Church that he/she is elgible to serve as a sponsor.

2. The Sponsor should provide:

- a complete change of clothes for the child

- a gold cross for the child or adult

- two large white bath towels

- a white baptismal candle

3. The role of the sponsor was orignially to give assurance to the Church for the faith of the one who was to be baptized; this is still the practice in the case of adult baptsim or chrismation.  In the case of infant baptism, the Sponsor stands and vouches for the child, who is unable to make the necessary confession of faith.

4. The Sponsor of a child should be ready to recite the Nicene Creed and other responses during the service.

5. If possible, for three consecutive Sunday's after the Baptism, the Sponsor should bring the infant to the Holy Church and also bring him/her up for Holy Communion.


Reception of Converts:

When a person who comes voluntarily from some other Christian confession and requests to be received into the Orthodox Church, the priest, after the person completes catechism, will accept him/her in one of three ways, dependent upon the specific case.

1. Baptism in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit by threefold immersion

2. Chrismation

3. Confession of Faith


Please note that the above information is for your guidance.  If there is any questions regarding these terms and conditions please feel free to contact Fr. Dean.  Should there be some reason the above requirements and guidelines can not be met, baptism still may be allowed upon priest approval and blessing from the Diocesan Bishop.  May Jesus Christ continue to help us to follow His command to "go therefore and baptize all Nations in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit." (Matthew 28:19)

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